Light Duty Tank Ferrules


  • Available in 304 and 316L
  • Surface Finish: 32Ra
  • 3-A Sanitary Certified

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Part Number

14WLMP4-050, 14WLMP4-075, 14WLMP4-100, 14WLMP4-150, 14WLMP4-200, 14WLMP4-250, 14WLMP4-300, 14WLMP4-400, 14WLMP4-600, 14WLMP4-800, 14WLMP6-050, 14WLMP6-075, 14WLMP6-100, 14WLMP6-150, 14WLMP6-200, 14WLMP6-250, 14WLMP6-300, 14WLMP6-400, 14WLMP6-600, 14WLMP6-800